NRG Innovations DRIFT MATSURI : Big Crazy Entry Comp!!

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The 2015 NRG Innovations Drift Matsuri could be explained as nothing more than a success. The goal of the event was to invite some local(and some not so local), car enthusiasts to an easy going track day, have some fun, drive some cars, and rub shoulders with our fellow event-goers. Now what we didn't expect was to fill the track to capacity at our very first event! We were able to gather much needed information, feedback, and suggestions from just about every driver on the track. With about 75% of the cars on track already equipped with NRG Innovations products, we were glad to see everyone's car performing at competitive levels throughout the entire day.


A testament to the builds, parts, and pride taken in these vehicles. The most competitive of which being our first place winner and buddy, Bryan Rogers in his VH45 powered Nissan S13. Followed closely by Formula Drift Pro-Am driver, Mac Cruz in his Chevy LM7 powered FC RX-7. These guys both won the coveted Big Entry Contest with some over-the-top 3-4 gear entries, and on a relatively small track, at that. We even had the privilege of handing out the very first "Crash King Award", this award went to Terry Pile upon smashing his Toyota Tacoma into a bail of hay after a failed 3rd gear entry.



They weren't the only winners however, we also had the pleasure of giving out ~$3,000 worth of products to our spectators. Prizes included brand new, first release steering wheels and Quick Release kits, among other smaller items. The NRG Innovations Drift Matsuri surely isn't an event to miss! Make sure you keep a look out, and listen for announcements on the next Drift Matsuri! Hope to see you all there!


-NRG Staff.





Here's the coverage from Super Street Magazine. Nice to see everyone out!

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