Supe D Matsuri with Naoki Nakamura

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Super D Matsuri

Formula Drift Irwendale was one of the most anticipated event. Not only it determined the winner for the season, Chris Forsberg, and also brings all the fans together for a big drifting weekend. After hanging out with Sparkle ( IG: dreamer77_), a native from Taiwan. I asked if he wants to see more drifting the next day at the Grange with special guests and more.  After inhaling the smokes from Irwendale, of course the answe was yes.

The following day, after 1.5 hours drive from Irwendale we arrived at the Grange. Upon arrival I have never seen the Grange so packed, people literally parked outside the gates and you could find spectators all around the course. Guess who were the special guests driving that day: Naoki Nakamura along with Ryan Litteral, Forrest wang, and Justin Pawlawk. 


Video Recap: CAMART


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