Garage Sale & Car Meet

Posted by Jason 29/09/2016 0 Comment(s)
NRG End of Summer Garage Sale and Car Meet


Before you read any further, we would like to thank everyone who came out and those who wished to be here. We had a great crowd. As the matter of fact, this weekend turned out to be very eventful, even with so many other high profile shows and meets being set the same day. Safe to say that we truly have the best customers.


With the summer quickly winding down on us, we thought, what better way to show our appreciation then to throw you guys a Car Meet, BBQ, and best of all, a Sale! With only a week to prepare our warehouse, we quickly got to work rearranging our warehouse so that everyone would have a cool and comfortable place to hang out.


Ten minutes before we even open, people were lining up. Thirty minutes later, the line wrapped around the entrance and within the next hour our parking lot was full with cars. We also had with us that day, Chico's tacos, making sure everyone deserved a taco sesh!


Once again, we thank the community for keeping it clean! We will be hosting more events like these! Please take a look at the pictures and feel free to share.

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