NRG Innovations DRIFT MATSURI : Big Crazy Entry Comp 2.0

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NRG Innovations Drift Matsuri 2.0 was an absolute success. With drivers ranging from Formula Drift Pros, to grassroots veterans, and even a few first timers, this event was fun for everyone. The california weather showed up as a beautiful, boost friendly 72 degrees, and sported a decent coat of clouds to keep everyone comfortable throughout the entire day. Free food and souveneers in the form of stickers and shirts were provided courtesy of our very own Jason Chou(manager). NRG Innovations Drift Matsuri is entirely family friendly, and we encourage you to bring the whole team out at our next event!

Jing, and Jason of NRG Innovations, manning our 10x20 administration booth. Free stickers and steering wheel samples line the tables.

Chris(tech) holding the mandatory driver's safety meeting, just before the track goes live!

Jack and Bryant of Slide Factory came out to help us manage the event. Thanks a ton, guys!
Be sure to give these guys a follow, and keep up with their monthly events.

Ryan Litteral, NRG Innvations sponsored Formula Drift Pro driver. His RB25 powered Nissan S14 sporting a fresh pair of Weds Kranze Ratzingers out back. Also, unseen in this photo, his first crack at his new, ridiculous, WiseFab angle kit and drop knuckles.

Chuck(Left, NRG salesman) Bryan Rogers(Right, Former D1 USA pro driver) getting ready to lay it all down on the technical kart track. As you can see, an S13 rear bumper had already been subject to casualty earlier in the day.

Team Nuisance showed up early and snagged the coveted Thin Tarp Shade Garage! Being the first event for many of their team, everyone was surprised when just about all of them were linking the entire track by mid-day! If you were perserverant enough to last until 3pm, you could have caught a few laps of the Yellow IS300(Marlbill Abayhon) being thrown around track with a full 4 passengers! The car is slammed when empty, so you can only imagine the comedy of 4 fully grown men in this thing.

Ryan Litteral(left) and Andrew Molina of Animal Auto(Right) head for Turn #1. These guys showed up, had jaws to the floor steadily throughout the day, chalked up countless 70-80mph entries, and left with 2 perfectly working machines ready for another thrashing. Just goes to show that shelling out a few extra dollars can make the difference when building a competitive racecar.

Bryan Rogers nears the "blow-up-employee" during his 1st Entry Contest attempt. This thing easily turns heads charging down the straight, for obvious reasons. Don't be fooled though, this Pink ranger is powered by a tastefully modified and fitted, 4.5 Litre Nissan V8 engine sporting a 150shot of Nitrous. With 265s out back, it is no joke around the tiny Grange Motor Circuit.

Jason, Chris, Jona, and Jing(left to right) standing with First Place winner Bryan Rogers. Bryan won upwards of $1000 worth of product at the event. Prizes included an NRG Steering wheel, and Quick Release setup, and $100 cash. Alex Rodriguez Motorsports also threw in a set of 18" MST wheels to sweeten the pot, Thanks Alex!

Jack Miller(left), and Jason(right) standing with Big Entry runner-up Jack Reynolds. With about 20 fully built drift cars out on track, Jack was able to secure 2nd place with his STOCK FRS! The only mods done to his car are a set coilovers. Jack is definitely one of our local heroes!

If you missed anything, don't worry we got it all on camera! See you on the next event!


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